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About Us

Welcome to VOIP Reviewer

There are multiple websites online that offer reviews for VOIP services but they all have one thing in common, Affiliation. They make money by offering biased reviews on VOIP providers who partner with these sites. This is often misleading and does not provide a real review of the services being offered as the goal is to get you top sign up to these service which may not be the best fit.

Our goal is to change that and offer visitors to this site real unbiased reviews of the top VOIP services. We have no affiliation with any of these sites and make no money from them whats so ever. This means we can offer genuine information that will better inform you on which VOIP service is right for you or your business.

We also offer a blog section where we offer tips and advice to better educate you on how to choose a VOIP system or provider, offer advice on common mistakes and pitfall and general VOIP knowledge.

How we rate VOIP services?

Each service has been reviewed on 5 sections

  • Bang For Your Buck – What do you get for your money
  • Future Scaleabilty – How easy is it to scale
  • Setup, Management and UI – Ease of setup and navigating the user interface
  • Customer Care – When something goes wrong, what support is offered
  • Mobile Friendliness – On the go management of your VOIP Service

We offer in-depth information in each section and provide a summary and star score at the end.

We hope you like our site and get value for the information provided.

If you would like to offer feedback, have questions or need to contact us for any reason please visit our contact page here

Please note we are unable to offer specific advice based on your circumstances.

All information is provided as a guide and we advice seeking advice before joining any services mentioned on our site.