Mitel VoIP Review 2016

Mitel VoIP Review 2016
October 24 09:31 2016

Bang For Your Buck

Mitel, a provider that concentrates primarily on serving enterprise-level clients, doesn’t provide any direct pricing information through their website. Despite this lack of transparency, they do make it clear that they’re dedicated to delivering a highly customized solution that meets all of your communications needs. Mitel has one of the most complete feature sets in the VoIP industry, and they will mix and match them to suit their clients’ tastes.

Mitel will assemble a VoIP package for your company that reflects not just its size but also the industry you’re operating in and your specific tech requirements. The provider has some predefined bundles listed on their site, but these are effectively just examples. Mitel will be happy to work up a fully customized VoIP system for your organization.

Even though Mitel is focused on enterprise-level service, they don’t set any lower limit to the size of companies they work with. If you’re running a small startup, for instance, Mitel is still well worth your consideration. The flexible plans and customized pricing may work in your favor. Assembling your ideal VoIP package feature-by-feature ensures that you get exactly what you need and don’t wind up paying for anything else.

Future Scalability

Mitel also scores major points for being one of the most scaling-friendly VoIP providers out there. They have a lengthy pre-VoIP history stretching back over more than four decades of telecom service. This is important to consider if you’re looking far enough ahead to wonder what will happen when your organization grows so big that it needs hybrid communications solutions that extend beyond VoIP. Mitel has the experience and size to keep pace with your company no matter how big you grow.

Mitel’s client roster includes real giants (examples include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Make-A-Wish Foundation). They’re more than capable of keeping up with your business as it grows, changes expand, and diversifies.

Setup, Management, and UI

If you decide to do business with Mitel, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account representative to guide you through the account configuration process. This rep can also help you get a better grasp on your current needs, as the vast range of choices presented to you by Mitel’s system can be more than a little overwhelming.

Mitel, like most smaller VoIP providers, can meet your hardware needs as well as your service requirements. They provide a healthy selection of different phones (IP and digital) that will be delivered fully configured for your service package. This makes installation and activation a breeze; all of the equipment is plug-and-play. Technical support is easy to reach if you run into difficulties, though.

If your company is already at the enterprise scale, you may be interested in Mitel’s deployment services. Their professional expertise can be invaluable in smoothing your business’s way through the transitional period to your new VoIP network. This minimizes productivity loss during the changeover.

The control system for Mitel installations is entirely cloud based. This allows you to manage every aspect of your system — users, trees, extensions, voicemail, call groups, reporting, forwarding, and more — from the online dashboard that’s accessible no matter where you are.

Customer Care

Because it’s a truly global company, Mitel has the resources to give you some truly impressive response times to your technical support inquiries. The Data centers are spread all over the world, and there are localized technical assistance centers operating in North America, the UK, Asia / Pacific, and the EMEA.

You have your choice of contact methods, ranging from web-based support to telephone troubleshooting. You can reach Mitel customer service day or night, and “live” testing by calling in at three different non-business hours resulted in absolutely no delay in connecting.

You’ll have access to a robust library of support resources through Mitel’s website. These include books, videos, whitepapers, and an insightful support blog. The only potential shortcomings are the absence of a ticketing system or provision for the live chat with the assistance team. Based on Mitel’s impressive track record of speedy issue resolution, though, it’s unlikely that you’re going to miss these features.

Mobile Friendliness

Another nice benefit of Mitel’s size is that you’ll be working with a provider that’s working hard to push the boundaries of what’s currently possible with mobile connections. They offer a Mobile Carrier Solution that handles voice and video together on an IP network that can deliver Voice over LTE, WebRTC, and WiFi. This is the truly cutting-edge service that few providers are capable of giving to you.

Review Summary

4 out of 5
Bang For Your Buck
4.5 out of 5
Future Scaleabilty
4 out of 5
Setup, Management and UI
4 out of 5
Customer Care
4 out of 5
Mobile Friendliness

It should be clear by now that Mitel is a major player in the world of VoIP. Although enterprise clients are their bread and butter, they still display an admirable willingness to work with small firms. Their vast selection of services is wide enough that even the most modest organization can buy into a high quality VoIP system that offers truly world-class support.

4.08 Good 4.08 out of 5
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