Ring Central VoIP Review 2016

Ring Central VoIP Review 2016
October 26 09:37 2016

Bang For Your Buck

Ring Central has a real wealth of features. There are all kinds of VoIP services on the market at this point, many of which even have simpler setups, but few of them can contend with the versatility of Ring Central. This is very much a “covers all bases” sort of service.

For instance, you will be given access to a virtual receptionist, message alerts, hold music, away messages, call trees, directories, mobile integration (including mobile forwarding), call escalation, queues, fax integration, call groups, SMS, video conferencing, call bridging, recording, and so on. To say the least, it’s an exhaustive and impressive degree of functionality. The “bang for your buck” should be apparent.

Future Scalability

Nearly all of these features can be accessed fairly quickly once setup is finished. The dashboard is very user-friendly, with intuitive controls. As your business grows, the system can even be updated without much fuss. Jumping onto one of the higher tiered plans is also a seamless process should you eventually need to do so. This is the sort of system that can do a lot for you and adapt to fit your needs as time goes on.

Setup, Management, and UI

As mentioned, the setup is a relatively simple process. Registration can even be done without hassle, and phone number assignments will be e-mailed right to you. Once the number is secured, the web portal can be logged into, granting access to setup for extensions, call groups, forwarding rules, voicemail storage, and so on. You can even block certain numbers if you want. It’s all just a click away.

The back end interface is pretty clean and easy to navigate, though it’ll be a handful for someone without VoIP experience. That’s par for the course, however. A few minutes should be all that you need to become familiar with everything, and you’ll be working your way through the menus like it was second nature in no time.

Of course, there are plenty of tutorials to help you with the setup process if you need them. Videos are included as well, which should help you follow along with everything quite seamlessly. Even if you’re experienced, it might be a good idea to review the tutorial material just to be on the safe side.

Customer Care

Ring Central also impresses with their customer service. There’s plenty of FAQs and a thorough knowledge base to sift through on their website if you want to take things into your hands. Even a cursory glance should have you pointed towards whatever issue you may need to look up.

Of course, if you do need to contact an actual representative, there’s a live chat feature included on the website that will provide you speedy service from someone on their support staff. The site also includes a community where the customer base can leave feedback and help one another with any issues that may arise. Call in support is available as well, and you’ll even get a support ticket where you can monitor your issue. Finally, on-site deployment is also offered should you need it.

Mobile Friendliness

Perhaps the best aspect of Ring Central is its mobile integration. You can collaborate with team members via SMS, meaning no one ever has to be out of the loop on important business matters. The service is also cloud-based, meaning it can all be controlled right from the palm of your hand. This is a very forward thinking service overall.

Ring Central provides several different price ranges: standard, premium, and enterprise.  The pricing of each is determined by how many users are on board, meaning the final total will vary. For instance, the standard price is $24.99 by default, but that may qualify for a discount if there are a sufficient number of users.

The standard package includes the necessary features you will need as a smaller business, but the system itself is made with medium sized businesses in mind. As such, the premium plan may be seen as a better value. With the premium, you’ll be given access to the full spectrum of features, as well as complete integration with the likes of Desk.com, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Review Summary

3.5 out of 5
Bang For Your Buck
4 out of 5
Future Scaleabilty
4 out of 5
Setup, Management and UI
4 out of 5
Customer Care
4 out of 5
Mobile Friendliness

There's a disappointing lack of unlimited toll-free minutes on the plans, but they do have some options. The standard plan starts you out with 1,000 minutes. By contrast, the enterprise tier will grant you 10,000.

The premium plan is $10 higher than standard at $34.99 monthly. When compared to VoIP services that charge by the line, it may seem like too much. However, the cost per user setup must be taken into consideration.

3.92 Good 3.92 out of 5
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